Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Talking to God microphone craft for 3-5s

We are focusing on prayer for the next few weeks with our 3-5s.  This week we want to put across the idea that 'we can talk to God and He listens to us' and we will be using the story of the pharisee and the Tax collector.  To explore the idea of communication, speaking and listening, we're going to use toy microphones, megaphones, telephones, stethoscopes etc.  Here is our craft for this week: a microphone! (It's a bit of a tenuous link,  but we want to use something that young children will recognise as a way of speaking, at the same time as being something fun because the main point is that we encourage them to speak to God!)
You will need: A plastic ball pond ball wrapped in foil, a plastic cup, a pipe cleaner, some stickers.

Make a hole in the base of the cup and push a pipe cleaner through it and secure.  This makes the microphone 'lead'.  
Push the foil covered ball into the top of the cup, where is should become lodged (you may need to experiment with the size of cup and ball you use to make sure the ball will fit!)
Decorate the cup with stickers.

Prayer idea: Children hold their microphones and take it in turns to say 'thank you' to God or to say a 'please' prayer. 

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  1. Love love love this idea! Our VBS has a lot of singing and a show for the parents on the last day. I don't know the theme yet but I'm sure I can work it in. Always looking for an easy craft for the young ones.