Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Scrap store crafts: Bible water stories

A few weeks ago, Kylé and I were invited to put on a Messy Church display table at the local Play Forum AGM (check out Nottingham Play Works here.  The idea was that we would visit the scrap store and use what we found to create crafts that we would use in a normal Messy Church session.  This was very exciting as we had no idea what there would be when we got there!

We love the scrap store because, after paying our yearly membership fee of £5, it then costs us £1 for a basket of stuff and £5 for a trolley- amazing bargain!!  This time we went for a basket full.  This is what we ended up with: bottles, netting, bubble wrap, fabric, ribbon, vinyl sheets, card, cardboard cones, socks, stoppers, lids and various other odds and ends (see below!)

After looking through what we had brought home, a water theme seemed to emerge.  We thought about stories such as Noah's Ark, Jonah, The calming of the storm, Jesus walking on the water and anything involving fishermen!  The scraps above were transformed into the display below!

 Sheets of vinyl as three in a row boards and different coloured vinyl fish to play with.
 Netting (were bottle tops pushed out of this?) with vinyl ribbon ties to make a rainbow mat.
 cardboard cone, sock, plastic strips and plastic rings to make a storm noise maker.
 Fish made from socks, elastic bands, cotton wool and sticker eyes.
 Sea bookmarks made from weaving ribbon through netting.
 Storm bottle (water and glitter to shake in the bottle, vinyl boat shapes, card waves)
 Plastic strip and lolly stick water streamers.
 Stamps made from bottle stoppers carved with a craft knife.

 Rainbow Thank You prayers
 Jonah in the fish (card on a peg)
Bubble wrap worry prayers

Not bad for a £1 bag of scraps and a few extras from the craft cupboard!

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