Friday, 8 November 2013

God's Love Prayer Envelopes

I found a lovely idea on Pinterest for making envelopes out of hearts and began thinking how the idea could be used in prayer.  Click here for the original idea!

Here's a take on it that will help children to pray for friends and family...

Cut a heart shape out of patterned paper.

Turn the heart shape over so that the pattern is facing downwards.  Fold the sides of the heart inwards like so.

Now fold over the top of the heart to make the bottom of the envelope.  The point at the bottom of the heart shape now becomes the top part of the envelope.

On small pieces of card, write the names (or draw pictures!) of people you love and care about.  Talk about the fact that God loves everyone and wants the best for their lives.  Ask the children to think of the heart they used to make their envelope as being like God's heart.  Put the pieces of card inside as a prayer to God that He will look after those people and that they will see that He loves them.

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