Thursday, 20 February 2014

Prayer dominoes to print and play!

Children really seem to enjoy games as a way of entering into prayer, so here's an idea you can print off and use!  Click here to print off the dominoes.

The dominoes contain combinations of the following pictures, looking at please, thank you, blessing and healing prayers.  I printed off a couple of sets, 2 pages to a sheet so that the dominoes came out at a more handy half the original size.  I then laminated them so they would last longer!

To play the game deal each player 5 dominoes and leave the rest in a pick up pile.  Player 1 sets down a domino and prays according to one of the pictures on it e.g. 'God please bless...'  Player 2 then finds a domino with a picture that matches one from the first domino and sets it down with the pictures joining.  Player 2 then has to pray a prayer according to the pictures that are now touching.  Carry on!  If a player can't go, they need to pick up another domino.  The first player with no dominoes left is the winner.

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