Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Crayon colour transfer prayers

This is a fun idea to help children to think about praying for others to know Jesus and about how our behaviour as disciples can rub off on others.

1. Get a blank greetings card (or a piece of card folded over!) and draw a cross on the front.  Cut out the cross shape, making sure the fold remains in tact.  

2. Open the cross up.  Colour one side of the card very thickly with crayons. Make it very colourful! Talk about the cross and the resurrection of Jesus, thinking about the forgiveness and the new life that he brings.  This is what the colour represents.  Talk about how when we have good news we want to share it with others so that they can be a part of it too.  Who do we know who we'd like to share in the forgiveness and new life that Jesus brings?  How could we behave so that some of what we know rubs off on them?

3. Fold over the card again so that the coloured section is inside.  Write on top of the cross the names of people you would like to find out about Jesus.  Press hard!  Pray that they will share in the colour and joy of the good news. 

4. Now open the cross card up and you will see that the colour has rubbed off on the plain side, leaving the names printed there.  Keep the cross and add names over time as you pray for more people!

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