Monday, 28 April 2014

Parachute Prayers!

Here's a fun way to pray creatively and symbolically give over prayers to God. 
You will need: an A5 sheet of very thin paper or tissue paper.  4 strings of equal length (about the same length of the sheet of paper), a large button (or a little plastic person if you have one!), a hole punch, some scissors and some pens.

Punch a hole in each corner of the sheet of paper. Tie a piece of string through each hole and attach each string to the button or plastic person.  Think about things or people you are worried about and talk about how it helps to give our worries to God and ask Him to help us.  Write the people or things you are worried about on the paper and pray that God will help you to release them to Him.
Climb on a chair or stand at the top of some stairs.  Ask God to bless these people or situations and release the parachute as a sign of letting go of the prayers and trusting them to God.

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