Monday, 26 May 2014

Coloured bubble prayer paintings

This is a lovely, peaceful yet colourful way to encourage children to be reflective and to pray for others.

You will need: bubble mix containers and bubble wands, paper plates, food colouring (gel works fine for this!).  DO NOT try adding paint instead- the bubble mix ceases to work!

Mix food colouring with the bubble mix- a different colour in each pot.  Experiment to find a level of colour that works for you.  The colours I have used are quite delicate, but you could go much bolder!

Give each child a paper plate and ask children to think of the people they would like to pray for and ask God to bless them.  
Spend a moment in silence thinking about them, then encourage the children to blow a set of bubbles onto their plate for each person they are praying for.  Wait for the bubbles to burst while you are praying for that person, then continue.  

When the burst bubbles dry, the paper plate is a piece of prayer art work that the children can keep!

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