Thursday 8 May 2014

Creative Play Dough Intercessions

This is an interactive idea for use in a family or with a small group of children led by an adult or a child, helping them to focus on praying for others.  Below are some ideas for praying in each section, but encourage the children to add their own prayers too!  Thanks to Kate who used a variation of this with a group of us this morning.

Give each child a piece of play dough.

Make the play dough into a ball.

Pray for the World.  Thank God for creation.  Pray for places where there is war and famine.  Pray for people who care for the world. 

Make the play dough into a cross

Pray for the church.  Pray for Christians who are persecuted.  Pray for people who lead the church.  Pray for your own church.  Pray that people who don't know who Jesus is will come to know Him.

Make the Play dough into a heart.

Pray for people.  Pray for families and friends.  Pray for people who are ill and lonely.  Pray that God will help you to bless people.

Make the play dough into your name's initial letter

Pray for yourself.  Ask God to bless you and to help you with the hard things.  Thank God for the good things he has given you.


  1. Planning to do this tomorrow in our Prayer room - love the idea!

  2. What a lovely idea - and then they can take the playdough home to use in their own prayers there. many thanks

  3. Thanks again - used this yesterday with family congregation and loved by all.