Friday, 16 May 2014

Psalm 139: Fearfully and wonderfully made craft and prayer activity

Here is a craft and prayer activity to help children to explore the unique person that God has made them. It works well with looking at Psalm 139:14, but also works with the creation story or any situation when we are thanking God for who He has made us to be.

Craft Activity: You will need: Paper circles, scissors, pens/pencils
 Give each child a circle of paper.  Fold it in half and in half again.  Use the scissors to cut patterns, as in making paper snowflakes.
Open the circles out and talk about how each snowflake the children have made is beautiful and unique.  No two will be the same.  Now get children to write and draw on the snowflake the things they like about themselves and their favourite things.  Encourage children to look at each other's snowflakes.  Have you learned something new about any of your friends?  Talk to children about how God has made them all unique and special and that he knows all about them and loves them for who they are.
Prayer activity: Hang the snowflakes on a washing line to display the unique people in the room.  As each child hangs their snowflake, thank God for them and pray that they will come to know even more about the special person God has made them.

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