Thursday 5 June 2014

Fruit of the Spirit: Patience Weaving

This is a good activity to help children reflect on the Spiritual fruit of patience- how we have to sometimes wait and slowly and carefully do something in order to get to the end.  Because this craft takes time and concentration it is a great all-round reflection activity too!  Below are instructions and some ideas to talk and pray about.

You will need: Paper plates, wool or string, thin paper strips
Cut slits in the sides of a paper plate and thread wool or string through them to make a weaving frame.
 Start to weave the paper strips in and out of the frame.
Talk about:

  • When do we have to be patient in life?  Can you think of a time?  Do you find it easy?
  • Why is it sometimes better to be patient than to rush?
  • Have you ever asked God to help you to be patient?  What happened?


  • Choose colours of paper to reflect your personality.  As you weave, ask God to help you to be more patient
  • Write or draw on the paper slips areas of life where you would like to be more patient and, as you weave them, ask God to help you.

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