Wednesday, 27 August 2014

God Made Me Unique- Paint Marbled People

This is a fun way to help children to explore the uniqueness that God has given them and to thank him for it.  It would fit well with teaching around the creation story or Psalm 139, or just as a stand alone activity.

You will need: A shallow tray or plate, shaving foam, paint, cocktail sticks, lolly sticks, people shapes cut from coloured card.
Let children choose a colour of card that most reflects them (e.g. their favourite colour from the selection).  Cut a person shape from it to represent themselves.

Spread shaving foam across the bottom of the tray or plate, making sure that there is enough to completely match the size of the card person you have cut out.
Drop small drops of paint into the shaving foam (less is more!) and use a cocktail stick to make swirling patterns.  Children can, again, chose colours they like best.
Press the person shape down on top of the paint swirls and carefully lift off.  Use a lolly stick to scrape away the shaving foam and paint and see the unique artwork revealed underneath!

Talk about: 
  • How God has made each one of us unique- just as each person's painting will be completely unique.
  • The special way we have each been made- God has put a lot into making us special in the same way that we spent time making intricate patterns and swirls with the paint
  • While painting and swirling, encourage the children to reflect on and to discuss the things that make them special and unique.  What do they like best about themselves?
  • Arrange all of the paintings in a display.  Ask children to say something special about themselves that they would like to thank God for.  Say a big thank you prayer together!

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