Saturday, 2 August 2014

Multi-sensory Creation Thank Yous (Painting with Tea Bags!)

Often, when celebrating God's creation with children, we rely very much on what we can see and we neglect other senses such as smell and touch.  This is a very multi-sensory way of celebrating the things that God has made in the world around us!

You will need: A variety of tea bags, including fruit teas, which will bring a real mix of smells and colours to the mix; shallow bowls; hot and cold water; paper

Put each type of tea bag (1-3 of each depending on how many children you have) into a separate bowl and pour on some hot water to make the tea start to infuse.  After the colours start to emerge, put some cold water in and leave until the teabags are at a good temperature to squeeze and hold by hand.  It works better if most of the water has been squeezed out before painting!

Talk about the things God has made in creation and the senses He has given us.  Remind children that tea comes from a plant and is therefore part of creation!  Encourage the children to smell the different tea bags and to experiment with the different colours they make on the page.  When they are happy, get the children to use the tea bags (by dabbing them on the paper) to paint pictures of things in creation they would like to Thank God for.  

When all of the pictures are finished, gather them together and say a big 'thank you' prayer!

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