Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Exploring Bible Stories: Foam Print Craft

Here's an interesting way to help children to explore Bible stories: print making!

Tell a Bible story and then encourage children to cut out foam shapes to retell a scene from the story or to express their feelings/ observations about it.

You will need: Jar lids, scissors, craft foam, glue, paint, paper

Draw round the base of the jar lid on a piece of craft foam.  Cut the circle out and glue to the lid so that your print has a firm base and the jar lid acts as a handle.

Cut out pieces of foam to form a picture of  a scene, character or aspect from the story and stick them on to your foam base.

Cover the foam pieces with paint and print!  Children might want to choose paper and paint colours they think are significant to what they are trying to convey about the story.

Talk about:

  • What part of the story/ character does your print show?  
  • Why did you choose to make that picture?  What was special to you about that part of the story/ character?
  • Why did you choose particular colours?
  • If you could make another print for this story, what would you make? Why?
Other ideas:
  • Ask children to make a print for any Bible story they know.  Try to guess the story from the print.

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