Monday, 6 October 2014

Sandpaper Prayers: Praying for People having Rough Times

This is a very tactile way of praying for people who are going through difficult times and can be used with a variety of Bible stories where difficulties of some kind has to be faced e.g. the story of Joseph in the Old Testament. I love it because the wool 'sticks' to the sandpaper naturally, creating a colourful picture and breaking up the roughness of the surface with softness.   It is quite a reflective activity so children might even like to use it if they are having some quiet time with God...

You will need: Sandpaper, short lengths of wool

Talk about: The rough feel of the sandpaper.  What does this remind you of? 
Which stories from the Bible do you know where people were having a difficult time but God brought a change and a new start for them?
Share times from your life and from the children's lives when things have been rough and God has helped you through.

Feel the sandpaper with your fingers. Think about people you know who are going through rough, difficult times at the  moment.  Ask God to help and bless them.  As you pray and think about these people, arrange the soft, coloured wool on the sandpaper as a sign of the new life and change you are asking God to bring.


  1. Hi Mina, this was one of the best prayer times I've tried yet. The kids managed to stay focussed, engage with conversation and think quietly for about 10 mins. Quite something for our group that ages 2-12! The most exciting thing is that I think they were really blessed by the time spend with God xxx thanks again! Sarah

    1. Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this. Blessings! x