Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Easter Story Picture Card Games- Print out and Play

Playing a game is a great way to help children to familiarise themselves with the different parts of the Easter Story.  Here are some cards to print out to help you with that very purpose!

There are 8 cards, all showing a different part of the story: Entry into Jerusalem, The Last Supper and washing of feet, Gethsemane, Pilate, crucifixion, tomb and resurrection.  Use all or some of them depending on the elements you are exploring.  Tell the story and speak about the pictures, then play a game to help reinforce the key happenings.  Click here to print out the sheet.

There are loads of ways you could use the cards... 

  • Pass the parcel with a different card in each layer
  • Hidden around the room
  • Print out a set of cards per child.  Use 6 of the cards (perhaps leave out foot-washing and Pilate) and number them 1-6 in order of happening.  Children throw a die until they get a 1 and can collect the first picture.  After they have the first card, they then need to throw a 2 to get the second card. The first person to collect all of the cards in the correct order wins.

  • Matching game (see below)

    • Print out 2 of the picture sheets and glue them to card so that the pictures don't show through the back of the paper.  Cut the individual cards out, mix them up and lay them face down.

      Take it in turns to turn over two cards at a time.  The aim is to find matching pairs and the person with the most matching pairs when there are no more cards left to take is the winner!

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