Thursday 16 April 2015

John 21: Jesus gives Peter a New Start (Prayer Activity)

What I love about the meeting of Peter and Jesus on the beach in John 21 is that Peter is given a chance to start again- his three denials of Jesus  mirrored by the three times he tells Jesus that he loves him.

This prayer activity helps to emphasise the idea of the new starts that Jesus can give to us all so that we too can go out and reach others for him.

You will need: two containers- one holding a mixture of vinegar and salt (about a cup of vinegar to a tablespoon of salt) and one holding water.  Old, stained copper coins.

Give each child a coin and ask them to think about parts of their life where they might have let others down or would like a new start.  Put each coin in the container of vinegar and salt.  Let them say sorry to God in their heads if they would like to.   Put on the lid and shake (some of the coins will start to clean up even before you put the lid on!)  Thank Jesus for forgiveness and new starts.  Take off the lid and transfer the coins to the water to wash off the vinegar.  Let each child take a coin away as a reminder of the new start Jesus gives.

As an extension you might ask the children to give their coin to another person and to pray that that person will get a new start with Jesus. 

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