Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Exploring Communion Liturgy Through Play

I had a lovely time recently, learning about liturgy boxes and how toys and other items can help children (including under 5s) to interact with parts of liturgy, especially when there are no formal children's activities.

Carloynn over at the Spiritual Child Network has put together details of how liturgy boxes work with some great examples.  Using those ideas as a springboard I've come up with a selection of items to help children interact with parts of the Communion liturgy.  It probably works best with some guided adult interaction to start off with, but children will become more familiar as they get used to the objects and symbols!  Have a go and let me know how it works for you...

Gathering/ worship/ awe and wonder: Dancing ribbons, shakers, a simple kaleidoscope and a reflection bottle.

Confession: A holding cross

Word/ Bible reading: Bible story books

Intercessions: Play people and a globe ball

Eucharistic Prayer: Wooden bread, a cup and a battery operated tea light

Sending out: Hearts as a symbol of going in God's love

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