Monday, 24 August 2015

Sharpie Stained Glass: Christian Symbols

I've seen some 'stained glass' crafts on Pinterest recently that make use of plastic lids (click here for an example using tissue paper).  I've just invested in some new sharpies so I thought I'd try out a variation.  Sharpies are great but any permanent marker will do!  This is a great activity to introduce children to some of the key Christian symbols they might encounter in church and especially in stained glass windows.

You will need: A copy of the Christian symbols sheet.  Click here to print out, permanent marker pans (e.g. Sharpies), clear plastic lids (the circles on the sheet are just about right for the size of lids you find on large pots of yoghurt), blue tack

 Turn the lid flat side down and trace over one of the designs with a black or dark marker to make an outline of the picture
 Turn the lid over so that the outline marking is on the inside.  This will stop the outline smudging as you colour.  Now colour in the design with your permanent markers!
 Blue tack the edge of the lids to a window and let the light shine through!

Think/ Talk about:
  • Light shining through the picture- letting God's light shine through us in our words and actions
  • The Christian Symbols in the designs...
    • Celtic knot- the Trinity
    • Alpha and Omega- God as beginning and end
    • Cross
    • Light 
    • Dove- Holy Spirit
    • Shell- Pilgrim symbol

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