Monday, 19 October 2015

Static Electricity Prayers

This is a fun, visual way to pray, and illustrates God's power and desire to hear our prayers.  

You will need: small pieces of tissue paper, pens, a balloon, hair or a woolly jumper!

Ask children who or what they would like to pray for and then ask them to choose a colour of tissue paper to reflect that person or thing.  They can write or draw on their tissue piece if they want to.  

Either in pairs or small groups, take it in turns to rub the balloon on a woolly jumper or on (their own!) hair.  This will build up some static on the balloon!

Talk about giving our prayers to God and asking Him to show his power in each situation.  Children can hold their tissue prayer close to the balloon and watch as it is pulled onto the balloon and sticks there.  Pray that, as the paper sticks to the balloon, God will hold all of our prayers and that we will see his power at work.  

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  1. We did this with our 4th grade class! We had them write things they wanted to pray about on their little tissue pieces. They LOVED this illustration and it was very powerful to them! They were just amazed! What a great idea and thank you so much for sharing!