Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Faith at Home: Prayer Walk Scavenger Hunt

This is a really practical way to get children involved in a prayer walk around the local area and to help them think about praying for the people around them.  This activity is part of the printable Lent Ideas for Families book and you can print off the stand-alone instructions and picture sheet here if you want to pass it on to other families.

You will need: paper cut into heart shapes, pens or pencils.  Scavenger hunt sheet, phones or digital cameras.
Walk around the streets of your neighbourhood as a family.  Give each child a scavenger hunt sheet.  When you get to a street sign, write down the name of the street on a paper heart.  Look out for things on the scavenger hunt sheet and take photos of interesting things on phones or digital cameras:

When you get home, choose a paper heart and pray for God to bless the people on that street.  What else could you pray about, based on the scavenger hunt? Eg. people staying safe on the road, thank God for pets, pray for friends at school….

Each day pray for a different street and ask God to bless the people who live there.

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