Thursday, 10 March 2016

Printable Palm Sunday Card Matching Game

Here is a simple game to play at home or at church that will help to introduce the key symbols of the Palm Sunday story- palm leaves, donkey, robes laid down on the floor and a crown to symbolise Jesus' kingship.  
Click here to print out the picture sheet.

Cut out the picture squares and back them with card so that the ink of the pictures doesn't show through the back when they are lying face down!  If you want to keep the cards long term it might be good to laminate them too.

Mix the cards up and lie them all face down.  Children take it in turns to turn over two cards.  If they are a matching pair then children can keep them.  If they don't match, then replace the cards and wait for the next turn.  The winner is the person with most matching pairs at the end of the game.

Use the pictures to either introduce the story or to reinforce the elements of the story and get the children to explain in their own words what the pictures mean or to retell the story.  Use this as a springboard to acting out the story!

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  1. Thank you so much for this children's ministry. I'm going to use them for Kids Club - they are simple and all about the love of Jesus!