Wednesday 20 April 2016

Interactive Prayer: Foil Intercessions

Here is a hands on way of praying that would work well in lots of situations- from all age services to small groups of children and even at home.  All you need is for everyone to have a piece of aluminium foil!  6x6cm squares would work quite well as you need enough to eventually mould a shape.

1. Hold the piece of foil and look at the shiny side.  Say thank you to God for good things in your life and for things that you like doing.  

2. Screw the foil into a loose ball (don't make it too tight or you won't be able to straighten it out!)
Think about people who find life tough: people who are ill, tired, lonely, sad and afraid.  Ask God to help them and be with them. 

3. Smooth the ball out so that the foil is back into a square (or as close as possible).  Thank God for people who help others when they need it- parents, teachers, medical staff, friends and any others that children can name.  Pray that God will bless these people and pray that we will also be people who help others and show them love.

4. Mould the foil into the shape of...
  • The initial letter of the name of someone or somewhere you'd like to pray for
  • a shape that symbolises something you'd like to pray for (make extra foil available if needed!
  • Hold the shape and ask God to help and bless that person/place/situation.

Say a big 'Amen' together!


  1. this is a fantastic idea. i have re-arranged the order... start with a white marshmallow wrapped in the foil. ask people to look at it and think about what they are sorry for, as they unwrap the foil ask for forgiveness, revealing the white marshmallow showing we are forgiven made as white as snow. I then followed the crippled foil for those who are broken, smooth it out for those who work to restore others and then shape the foil for someone/something to pray for.