Friday, 1 April 2016

Jacob's Ladder Angel Painting

This craft is likely to get a bit messy and certainly won’t look perfect or neat at the end but it is a great way to help younger children explore the concept of angels moving up and down the ladder! The paint outline around the stencil gives a bit of a ‘glow’ to each angel shape, which helps to reflect the ‘holy’ presence that Jacob feels during his dream.

You will need: Angel shaped cookie cutters or a printed out angel template, card, paint, scissors, brushes, paper.

If you have younger children then an adult will need to prepare the stencils by drawing round and cutting out angel shapes (cookie cutters are good for this).  Older children will be able to design and cut out their own shapes. 

Show the children how to place the stencil on the paper and use a brush to paint around the outline.  Remove the stencil and see the angel shape. There will be an unpainted angel shape surrounded by a paint 'glow.'  

Continue using different colours to cover the paper.  If the angels overlap, that only adds to the effect of movement!

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