Saturday, 14 May 2016

Pentecost pass the parcel all age talk

Here is a last minute Pentecost talk idea.  We will be using it tomorrow in our cafe church service! This works best before you read or tell the story.

You will need: 

  • A bag of sweets (enough to share with everyone)
  • Lollipops for each layer
  • Pictures of: a dove, a windsock, fire, the word 'welcome' in various languages.  To download a sheet with these pictures on click here.
  • Newspaper
  • sellotape

The bag of sweets and the picture of the dove will be your central layer.  Wrap them in the newspaper.

 On top of the dove layer, put the 'welcome' picture and a reward lolly!
For the next layer, put the fire picture and a lolly and the top layer will be the windsock (the closest I could get to a wind picture!!)

Talk about Pentecost being the birth of the church where, in one day 3000 people came to know Jesus.  We all got an amazing birthday gift that day- the Holy Spirit.

At birthday parties you normally play games so we are now going to play pass the parcel.  Pass the parcel round and play the game. As the top three layers are taken off, the pictures will tell the order of the story- first the sound of a great wind, then tongues of fire above heads, then speaking in different languages.

The bottom layer will reveal the dove and sweets to share with everyone.  People who had removed the first three layers of paper all got a personal reward in the shape of a lolly and no-one else got one, but the Holy Spirit gives power to spread the joy of the gospel not just to one person but to everyone. Share the sweets out and pray that everyone will know the power of the Spirit at work within them!

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