Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hands on intercessions (with an IKEA play rug!)

The other week we managed to come by a second hand IKEA children's rug for a very reasonable price and it seemed perfect for using for some hands on intercessions!

This idea works well with all ages and can be a stand alone prayer station, revisited over period of time, or used as a focus in a group or an all age service.

You will need:
hearts, figures/ people (I used foam shapes but playmobil or lego figures would work well too), toy cars, wooden blocks (or duplo), a town play mat (we used this one)

Place a car on one of the roads- pray for traffic, safety, drivers, pedestrians
Place a block on the map and pray for a building, workplace or home that you know.
Place a figure on the map and pray for a person in this community
Place a heart on the map and pray for situations in the community that need God’s help
Have fun!

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