Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Moses and The Exodus: Making a Journey Stick

This is a craft that will be as individual as the child who makes it and would work well either in a small group or family situation.  I'm using it here to help explore the Exodus story but it would work just as well when you are looking at creation.

You will need: Sticks, wool (or I have also seen cardboard strips covered in double sided tape used for this activity- see this inspirational post), nature!

Go for a walk outside and encourage children to pick up interesting leaves, flowers etc that they find on their journey (make sure that children don't pick wild flowers though!!).  Fasten the objects to the stick by wrapping wool around them (or sticking them to the tape). These are memories of their journey.

When you get home, talk about what you have collected and where on the journey you found it.

Talk about:
Moses led the Israelites on a journey through the desert where they learned many things about themselves and about God.  
Did you learn anything on this journey we have just taken?
What were you looking out for?
What did you find?
What did you see or find that you would like to say thank you to God for?
Did you find anything that reminds you of God?

Get everybody hold their journey stick and say thank you to God for being with us wherever we go, just like he was with the Israelites during their journey through the desert.

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