Friday, 7 October 2016

Holy Communion Symbols: Printable Matching Game

This is a game we played with our children when we were teaching them about what Holy Communion was.  Different symbols are used to help explain different aspects and themes of the liturgy and the children quickly started to make associations!

  • Bread and wheat- Jesus as the bread of life/ bread used as his body at the last supper
  • Grapes and cup- Wine used at the last supper (also linked to the true vine)
  • Cross- remembering Jesus' death
  • Dove- The Holy Spirit is present
  • Heart- Jesus' love for us
  • People- We all come together to share communion as part of God's big family 
  • World- we pray for the world and remember that Jesus came for all of us
  • Handshake- sharing the peace and forgiving others before taking communion

You will need: two copies of the printable sheet, glue, 20 small cards (big enough to glue the pictures onto)

Cut out the pictures.  You should have 20 (2 of each symbol). 

Stick each picture onto a separate piece of card so that the picture can't be seen when the card is turned over.

Turn all of the cards face down.  Taki it in turns to turn 2 of the cards face up.  If your two cards match, you win that pair and take them off the table.  If they don't match, turn them back over and wait for your next turn to try again.  the person with the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner.

Click here to print off the cards (you will need to print the sheet twice).

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