Thursday, 26 January 2017

Candlemas: Reflecting the light of Jesus CD Craft

Next Sunday some of us will be celebrating Candlemas or the Presentation of Christ in the Temple.  This is where Simeon and Anna meet the saviour they have been waiting for and Simeon states that he has seen God's salvation-

 A light to reveal your will to the Gentiles
    and bring glory to your people Israel.  Luke 2: 32

This presents the opportunity of lots of light to be used!  Here is a craft that might come in useful, helping children to explore what it means to reflect the light that Jesus brings.

You will need: old Cds, permanent marker pens, a torch or lamp, a dark room

Switch off the lights in a dark room and then switch on some torches and lamps. Speak to the children about what a difference it makes when you bring light into a dark place. Scary things don't seem so scary any more. Jesus was the one who came to bring light to the dark places of the world- to help people to feel less afraid and to give them hope.  This is what Simeon saw in the baby Jesus who Mary and Joseph had brought to the temple.

Because we follow Jesus, we also have the job of bringing light to dark, sad places and people.  Talk about ways you might be able to do that.

Give each child a CD.  Ask then to draw or write on the shiny side, patterns or things that represent them e.g. initials.  Really make the decoration personal, but leave plenty of shiny side visible!

When the children have done this, switch off the lights again and get them to work together to shine torches or lamps onto the shiny side of their Cd and watch the refection projected on the wall or ceiling.  They should be able to see the patterns and drawing they have made!

Pray that the children will be able to go out and reflect the light of Jesus into the world, just as they have reflected the light in a very individual way with this craft!

Have fun!

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