Thursday, 9 March 2017

Cupcake Case Prayers

If you are looking for a prayer activity using things you may already have at home, here is an idea!

Children can use this idea to pray for anything they want to and setting the cases on the water is very symbolic of giving their prayer over to God.

You will need: Cup cake cases (or liners).  I used mini cupcakes cases here, felt tip tens, water, a dish or container to hold the water

Ask children to choose a cupcake case and to write or draw their prayer on the inside of it.  When they have finished, set the case on the water and give the prayer to God.  Watch it float! 

Alternative idea: write or draw a prayer on a small piece of paper, fold it up and put it inside a cupcake case.  Then put the case to float on the water.

Have fun!

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