Monday, 3 April 2017

Easter Egg Prayers

Here are some prayers you could use in a group, a family or even in a whole congregation if you have enough chocolate to go round!  The prayers are very simple and help to pick up themes of the Easter story.

You will need: a hollow chocolate Easter egg per group

Show the children the unbroken egg (if it comes in two halves, you may need to hold them together!)

Relate the closed egg to the tomb where Jesus' friends put his body after he had died.  Talk about what it feels like when we are left on our own, one of our friends goes away or someone we know dies. Ask God to help everyone who is sad, upset or lonely or who has lost someone that they love.

Now break the egg into pieces and reveal the hollow inside!

When Jesus died it was not the end of the story- he rose to new life and was no longer inside the tomb.  Something amazing had happened!  Talk about where in life the children would like a chance to start again- maybe with someone they have had an argument with or moving on from something they did wrong. Silently tell God anything you are sorry about and ask Him to give you a new start. Thank God for chances to start again and ask Him to help people who are scared or worried or ashamed to have hope of a new start too. 

Eat the chocolate!

When Jesus rose to new life, it was amazing and we can be part of this amazing story too! God loves us so much and wants us to love Him.  He wants good things for us because he loves us. Taste the sweetness of the chocolate and talk about all of the people we love and why we love them.  Thank God for those people and ask that he will bless them in the coming year.

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