Friday, 30 June 2017

God Calls Samuel: exploring through games, crafts and prayer

This week we took a look at the story of God calling Samuel when he was a child in the temple.  We were very busy!

Games: We thought about having to listen so we had a great game of musical statues.  Next we got the boomwhackers out and took turns to tap out a rhythm and get everyone else to copy.

Another game we tried was shaking containers of dried food (rice, pasta, sugar) and asking the children to guess what food was in the tub from what they could hear. 

After telling the story, we thought about how God talks to us and how we talk to God.  We then tried out lots of different ways of praying!

We made prayer stones to hold when we spoke to God

Prayed with Skittles... 

Prayed for our friends and family...

Tried out forgiveness fizz...

Did some reflective colouring..

And asked God to forgive us!

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