Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Shaving Foam Cloud Prayers

This is a really colourful way to pray for people and situations where you'd like to see God's power breaking through. Visual pray-ers will love it!

You will need: shaving foam, a tall glass, water, food colouring in two or three colours, small dishes, teaspoons or droppers.

Pour a couple of tablespoons of water into each small dish.  Colour each dish of water with a different food colouring.  Don’t water the colouring down too much because the more intense the colouring the better!

Fill the glass half way with water and squirt shaving foam to make a ‘cloud’ in the glass above it (this will probably fill the other half of the glass). 

Think of a person or situation you'd like to pray for and choose a colour of water you'd like to use to represent that prayer. Ask God to help them and then use a teaspoon or dropper to pour a small amount of coloured water on top of the shaving foam cloud.  

The colouring will slowly seep down through the spaces between the foam and the glass, and ‘rain’ down into the water.  As this happens, imagine God's power breaking through and changing that situation, just as the colour is breaking through and changing the water. 

Repeat with other colours as you pray more prayers.

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