Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Chalkboard story spoons for Bible storytelling

Using wooden spoons painted as story characters is a great way of helping to tell stories to younger children. Unfortunately, it means that you need a lot of spoons if you want to tell lots of different stories! It struck me that a little bit of left over chalk board paint might solve that problem...

I painted some craft spoons with  couple of coats of paint on both sides. I then got the chalks out and drew on some pictures to help tell a Bible story.  The great thing about spoons is that they are double sided, so if you want to tell a story like Jesus calming the storm, you can put storm on one side and sun on the other.

Children could make their own drawings to retell a story and the best part is that, when you have finished, you can wipe them clean and use them again for a different story!  

Enjoy some story telling and do post any photos of your creations :-)

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