Monday, 9 October 2017

Simple Sensory Marble Labyrinths

As I am becoming more aware of the different needs children have and the different ways in which we connect with God in prayer and reflection, I am also becoming more aware of multi sensory tools!  I really like finger labyrinths as a prayer tool and this is a very touchy- feely version I have recently been exploring.  The idea with this method is that there is a marble trapped between two layers of felt, which you move along the labyrinth path with your fingers.

There are obviously much more elaborate labyrinth patterns you can make, but I wanted to keep my first try as simple as possible...

You will need: Pieces of felt (for each labyrinth I used 2 rectangles of 15 x 12 cm), embroidery thread, needle, scissors, marbles

Lay one rectangle on top of the other and sew the edges together, leaving a hole of about 2.5cm at the top left hand corner (as shown below).

Slip a marble through the hole so that it sits between the two layers of felt.  

Sew your labyrinth lines (as below) so that the needle and thread goes through both layers of felt. Lines will be roughly 2-2.5 cmx apart. 

You should be able to use your fingers to move the marble from the opening hole to the middle of the labyrinth and back again.  Having the marble inside while you sew, and pushing it along as you progress, is useful because it helps you to see that your lines are an adequate distance apart.

When your lies have been sewn and you are happy, go back and sew up the opening hole in the top left hand corner. Now your marble will not escape!

Enjoy reflecting and journeying!

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