Thursday, 22 March 2018

Easter Story Easter Egg Hunt

In a couple of weeks we are going to be hosting a community pizza making event and Easter Egg hunt.  Because our pizza making project is about building initial trust and relationships in the community amongst those who have never been to a church, we are never the first to mention God (even though we make Pizza in the church itself!). We wanted to have a Christian flavour to the event, though, as it is in celebration of Easter!  We are going to use pictures of the Easter story in our egg hunt and I thought I'd share it with you here.
You will need: Print outs of Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 (1 of each), Print outs of the competition sheet (1 per person), marker pens, hole punch, string, pens or pencils, Easter eggs and copies of the Easter story as prizes.

Cut the egg shapes out of sheet 1 and 2 and laminate them. 

Pictures show: A palm leaf, a crown, a cup and bread, a cross, a sad face, a cave and a rock, a happy face, the word 'alive.'

With a marker pen, on the back of each laminated egg shape, write a random number e.g. 47 or 391 (rather than 1-8, which are easy to guess)

Punch a hole in each egg shape, thread some string through the hole and go and find somewhere to hang them up.

Give each player a copy of the competition sheet. They now have to go and find each egg shape. When they find an egg shape, they need to turn it over and write the number on the back in the box on their picture sheet.
When they have found all of the pictures they can return to the start and claim their prize (after all of the numbers have been checked!). We are giving out creme eggs and this booklet to everyone who hands in a completed sheet- adults included!

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