Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Guest Post: New Book - 'So Many Answers' by Cathy Porter- Plus Memory Pairs Game

Have a look at this guest post by Cathy Porter, all about her new book and then print off and play the memory pairs game she has made!

Hi, I’m Cathy. I’m ordained, married to a vicar and mum of three children, 2 of whom are autistic and all of whom tend to be anxious, questioning and inquisitive. We try to explore faith together at home in a hands on, messy, all included, everyday kind of way. So I am often over here gathering new ideas from Flame Creative Kids!

I asked Mina if I could let you know about my latest book – ‘So many answers’ -  all about how God always answers prayer.

It’s one of those go to books that will help you face the difficult questions and disappointment when your kids can’t see how God has answered, or for the times when he doesn’t give us the answer we hope for.

In ‘So many answers’ I open the faith-story with the voice of a child expressing their doubts that God always answers prayer, and gradually explore in a very visual way how we experience everyday answers to questions in so many and varied ways. Coming back at the end of the story to see in God a perfect parent whose answers will always mean ‘I love you!’ whether they are yes, no, maybe or not yet.

Paul Williams, Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, has this to say about the book: "‘A little book that engages with some big theology. With honesty, intelligence and humour, ‘So Many Answers!’ takes us on a journey of words and pictures to remind us that God’s love and desire for his children is unconditional, unfailing and often unexpected."

As with my other books, at the end are some helpful Bible verses and discussion starters. And some activity pages to encourage the exploring to carry on.

And just for Flame Creative Kids readers I have also designed a memory pairs (memory prayers!) game about some bible heroes who prayed and waited to see God’s answers.  Click here to print and play.

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