Friday, 11 May 2018

Parable of the Precious Pearl with Under 5s: Decorated Biscuits

We had a last minute planning situation at our children's group this last Sunday, due to a leader's illness. We were not deterred however!  I got out my Godly play materials to tell the story of the Great pearl and then we had lots of activities to choose from that didn't take a lot of preparation.

As most of the children in the group are under 5, it's good when we have a craft that is a bit loose and free flowing and they absolutely love anything to do with food! This craft involved some stuff that I found in my cupboard the night before...

You will need: Plain biscuits, icing sugar (made into spreadable icing), sprinkles, cupcake cases, white fondant icing rolled into 'pearls'.

Spread some icing on top of the biscuit and then add sprinkles to decorate your 'treasure'.

Add a fondant pearl to the top of your treasure biscuit to remember that the pearl was the most special treasure of all.  

Finish by covering the biscuit with a cupcake case so that the treasure is hidden. Take the cupcake case off to show the treasure that you can't see at first but have to look for like the merchant in the story! 

When we had made the biscuits we spent some time talking about treasure and special things and thinking about heaven and what it might be like. Young children have some amazing ideas about the kingdom of God!

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