Friday, 8 February 2019

Dissolving paper forgiveness prayers

I was recently trying to come up with some different visual ways of saying sorry to God and wanted something that would be symbolic of the forgiveness He gives. That's when I came across dissolvable paper!

From what I gather, this paper can be used to draw patterns which can then be sewn over and when the embroidery is complete, the paper will dissolve, leaving only the stitching in place. Suffice to say, that is not what I used it for!

You will need: Dissolvable paper cut into small strips, warm water (this helps the dissolving process), a large bowl, pens

Talk about the fact that when we say sorry to God for the things that we have done, we know that he will forgive us and give us a new start. 

Ask children to write or draw something they would like to say sorry for on a strip of paper. They might even just want to write the word 'sorry' and keep things entirely between themselves and God.

Place the paper strip in the water and watch as it starts to dissolve and disappear as a symbol of the way God forgives us and gives us a new start.  This can be really powerful, especially when children feel guilt for something they have done. Seeing it disappear can be a very enlightening moment.

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