Friday 9 April 2021

Doubting Thomas Circles into Square Craft

One of the key elements of the story of Jesus and Thomas after the resurrection is that Thomas finds it hard to believe that the resurrection is possible if he doesn't see it with his own eyes. 

Sometimes people tell us things that it's really hard for us to believe and we want proof. This craft is something that seems hard to believe unless you see it. With two cuts you are going to make two circles into a square. 

Give children some strips pf paper and show them how to make them into circles by gluing the ends together. Then ask them to take two of the circles and, with only two cuts, make a square.

When they have struggled for a while and found it impossible, then show them the steps below!

You will need: scissors, two identically sized strips of paper, glue.

Glue the ends of the one of the strips and make it into a circle

Put glue in the centre of the second strip of paper.

Glue the centre of the paper to the inside of the first ring as shown.

Glue the end of the second strip to make a second circle. The two rings are now joined together.

Cut right down the middle of one of the circles and open it out.

You will now have one long strip with a circle at each end.

Cut right through the middle of the long strip and open the shape out.

You have now made a square!

Talk about: Would you have believed you could do this unless you saw it?
How does this relate to the story of what Thomas was feeling?
How easy is it for you to believe something amazing if you can't see it or touch it?
What does Jesus mean when he says "Blessed are those who believe without seeing me."

Dear God, thank you that you can do amazing, impossible things that we could never do by ourselves. When we are sad, afraid, worried or hopeless, help us to believe that you are with us and can help us, even if we can't see you with our own eyes. This wee, may we see amazing, impossible things happening to help us, help others and to help the world. Help us to know that you are there. Amen.

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