Tuesday, 24 January 2012

God in Creche- connecting toys with stories

God in crèche: Connecting toys with stories

By Catherine Ward

We’ve been trying to think about how we make sure that our under threes’ group has something on offer for all of our children from babies to those approaching their third birthdays. In those three years children develop from a babe in arms to a walking, talking, drawing, painting, building, storytelling handful. In an effort to try to provide some input for our older children without disrespecting their expertise in guiding their own learning we’ve been trying to provide some links between a story that we tell at snack time and the toys that we provide throughout the session. We put out a picnic blanket, lunch boxes and some toy food when we did the feeding of the five thousand. We plan to put blocks in our sand tray and big cardboard ‘puddles’ and wellies out for the wise and foolish builders and hide some toy sheep for the children to search out for the good shepherd. As more of our children get beyond their second birthdays we’ll let you know how it goes.     

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