Wednesday 25 January 2012

Prayer grab bag for under 5s

We've found that sometimes when we suggest the younger children pray for the people in their lives, it's really hard for them to fix on what to pray for!  Like the prayer bingo idea, this is an idea to help children to think more widely about what they could pray for in an everyday prayer time.  It's probably most suitable for under 5s.

Print out some pictures representing 'home', 'family', 'friends', 'food', 'school', 'healing', 'thank you', 'sorry'.  Laminate them if possible so you can get good use out of them and cut them out.  We made two sets so there was plenty of choice and you might choose the same thing to pray for again!  Then either put them in a small bag (we used a small tin instead), shake them about a bit and let the children choose something out of the bag to pray for.  They might want to close their eyes, but whatever they draw out should be a surprise!  Younger children will need explanation about what they might pray for in each category e.g. school might be for a teacher or for help in reading, but they will soon get used to it!  Model simple prayers such as 'Dear God, please help...' and soon they will be in the swing of it!

For a printable version of the cards (plus versions of prayer consequences and prayer bingo for older children click here.

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