Wednesday, 25 January 2012

God in Crèche: stories about God

God in Crèche: stories about God

By Catherine Ward

It’s such a simple thing but children love to be read to and we can capitalise on this to bring stories about God to life for our youngest children.  While I’m reticent to jump in with the classic Noah’s ArK for our under threes (animals and a rainbow yes but also sin, judgement and God killing nearly the whole population of the planet) there are some wonderful books written for under threes. Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen’s ‘Stories Jesus Told’ series are some wonderful retelling of some of the parables, and books about Jesus’ miracles and God’s love are often something the children can really connect with while they are yet to understand about sin and death. We present books ‘face forward’. It’s really important to remember that until children can read confidently for themselves then books ‘spine on’ on shelves don’t offer children the chance to select a favourite book and ask for it to be read to them. Standing books upright in a quiet corner of the crèche room works really well as does putting books into small baskets so children can see the covers of the books. 

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