Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fruits of the Spirit- planting seeds

Fruits of the Spirit is a bit of a theme for us!  The children really seemed to connect with this activity.

After a lesson on the fruits of the Spirit, we asked the children to decide which of the fruits they felt were a little bit lacking in their lives and they'd like God to give them more of.  It was interesting that many of them chose self-control, patience and kindness!  We then gave the children some plastic cups with compost in and asked them to take a sunflower seed and to plant it in the soil.  Children wrote the fruit they wanted to grow in their life on a sticker and stuck it to their cup.  We prayed that God would grow that fruit in their lives.  They then took the seeds home so that they could grow the sunflower as a symbol of what God was doing in their lives.

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