Tuesday, 21 February 2012

God in Creche- Basket of Oranges

By Catherine Ward

How about giving your under-fives some organic fruit or vegetables to investigate? There’s lots of evidence that different smells and textures can be a great source of interest, and for older children, a real talking point to, particularly if you are able to get hold of some really unusual looking squashes or something else they might not have come across before. This idea comes up in Penny Tissoni’s ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Practical Handbook’ and also in Elisabeth Jarman’s ‘A Place to Talk in Pack-Away Settings’ both of which are really good for practical ideas if you’re working with under-fives.

We’ll be using some citrus fruit and some squashes and pumpkins next term alongside some other natural materials when our theme is ‘Great Big God’ and then again in the autumn when we celebrate harvest. 

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