Monday, 20 February 2012

Transforming our lives- object lesson

As part of holiday club we told the story of the transfiguration and then talked about Jesus wanting to help us change our lives to be more like him. The children really loved the effect of this object lesson!

You will need: old, dirty coins (preferably one each per child), a plastic container with a lid, 1 heaped tablespoon of salt and half a cup of vinegar (mixed and put into the lidded container), a container holding water, a container to hold the used salt/ vinegar mix.

What we did

We gave everyone a dirty 1p coin

and talked about our lives sometimes being a bit like the coin, dirtied up by the wrong things we do that we wish we hadn't.  We said that, if we asked Jesus to help us, he could help us to become more like him and take away the dirt.  He could change our lives.

We then asked the children to put all of their coins into the vinegar and salt mixture, closed the lid and shook the box.  Even as the children put the coins into the mix they started to change!

We emptied away the salt/ vinegar and put the coins into water.  They were now very shiny!
   We gave each of the children a coin to take home so that they could remember how Jesus could change their lives if they asked him to.

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  1. Thanks!

    I always try to give the children something to do/bring from home during the week to help them remember the lesson. If they do it, they get a point. I was really racking my brain for this week (2nd half of Jonah - ninevites repent) as it didn't want yet another drawing/colouring thing.

    This will be perfect - I'll give them a penny, and those who bring it back shiny will get a point. I'll ask them to use ketchup if poss - it works too, and can symbolise Jesus' blood.