Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Prayer box for schools work

We go into a local primary school every Thursday to do a lunchtime club and this week we're going to think about praying.  I've read a bit about creating prayer spaces in schools (see Prayer Spaces in Schools), but when you don't really have a room to do it in, you need something a bit more mobile!

We're going to take some of the basic prayer stations we use on a Sunday, adapt them to fit in a box and carry it with us so we can set up on the go.

Here are the contents:
4 laminated sheets of white paper, wet wipes and dry wipe pens for Sorry whiteboards
Play dough pots for Play dough prayers
A Globe (from the pound shop!) and sticky dots for World prayers
A tube of dissolving vitamin tablets and a pot to put water in for forgiveness fizz

6 sheets of card sellotaped together for easy folding, sticky pads and small pieces of card for an adapted version of the Prayer Board

4 sheets of card, again easily foldable, and plasters for the Healing Board
And a roll of wallpaper and pens for a graffiti board

We'll see how it goes on Thursday!


  1. Hi, seeing this I haen't ever heard of "Prayer space in schools" until coming across this post. I went to the website, that is very interseting!
    A couple qustions, Is there none in America?
    Are you in America, and if so how or what steps have you took to have this "Lunch club" and prayer in school?

    1. Hi! I think that Prayer Spaces in Schools is just a UK thing :-( I can't say I know much about the US school system but I know that in the UK we have to teach religious education about all faiths and that many schools are very open to church visits. The school where I did this club is a church of England school so they were very keen to have some prayer input. We are very lucky!