Friday, 2 March 2012

Asking Questions

Over the past couple of terms, we've really been encouraging the children to ask questions about God, Christianity and the world in general!  We really want to know what they want to know about their faith and so we've been trying to spend one session a term solely based on trying to answer some of what they ask.  Their questions can be quite challenging and we can't always answer them on the spot- but maybe that's a good thing for them to see!

Here is a selection of what they have recently asked:

Why is God kind all the time?
Why did God make the world?
Why isn't God friends with hell?
Why does he forgive us?
What happens when you die?
Why are there angels?
How many different names has God got?
Has God got any friends in Heaven?
Why do we die?
Why can't we see God?
Why do people not believe you are there?
Why were you there before everything was here?
Is there a limit to how many times God will forgive us?
What made heaven and hell go against each other?
If you are a bad person, do you still go to heaven?
How old is God?
If we are made in God's likeness, how can there be so many evil people?
If God is so powerful, why doesn't he solve all our problems with a click of his fingers?
Why does God let bad things happen?
How can God have no beginning and no end?

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