Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Prayer Chart Challenge

Just before the summer holiday we wanted the children to think about praying for other people so we made a chart like this:

Prayer Chart Challenge








The idea was that the children would write the name of a person beneath each day and then each time, over the course of six weeks, they asked God to help or bless that person, they could put a tick in the box. 

 As We live in a culture of 'What's In It For Me?' we put an incentive of team points out there for anyone who completed and returned the sheet!  Sometimes I wonder about the ethics of giving children points to pray, but the idea was to get them to think about others and sometimes you have to work within the culture you live in!  Not everyone returned the sheet, but some of the children really stuck at it!

For slightly younger children I produced a sheet that hasn't yet been used,  There is a space to draw a picture of the person to be prayed for and then, spaces for 3 ticks over the course of 3 weeks.  This would need to be parent supervised, but the idea is the same- to build up a routine of thinking about and praying for others.

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