Monday, 6 February 2012

Prayer Stones

I'm quite a kinaesthetic person and I know that a lot of our children, especially the boys are too!  Having something to hold onto when I pray has been really helpful as it gives a physical focus for what might be a silent activity.

When we explored talking to God about our difficulties and listening to God with the children, we found that giving them a stone to hold made them less distracted and it also became something that was a physical reminder of God's presence with them- something physical to hold on to as a symbol of God being the spiritual rock we hold on to.

When we first tried this, we got the children to decorate their stones with a reminder of who they were praying to. Some wrote 'God' or 'Jesus' or drew a cross and then the children took them home so that they could use them there.  We have a pot of undecorated stones at church that we use on Sundays.  Some children choose to use them, while others prefer not to.  Several parents have reported back that their children have really taken to using these stones when they talk to God at home.  It's really interesting how something symbolic can open up an area of prayer!

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