Sunday, 15 April 2012

Poverty Prayer Station

While thinking about praying for the world, we are encouraging the children to think about those who live in poverty- in this country and in the wider world. We also want to encourage the children to think what THEY can do and to make their own contribution.  Here is our poverty prayer station for this term...

You will need: 
  • A money box
  • A tin containing coins (I used quite a fancy one to reflect the riches some people have to share)
  • Instructions (see below)
•Some people do not have enough money to pay for food and a home.

•Take a coin from the pot and hold it.  As you hold it, pray that God will help us to share what we have with others.  Put your coin in the giving box.  
If you want to you can bring your own coins to put in the box as well!

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